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How to Move an Elephant by political psychiatrist  Karin Tamerius offers a radical new approach to reshape America's political landscape. Learn how to turn testy encounters with Republicans into game-changing conversations that flip red areas to purple and purple to blue. This isn't about playing nice—it's about urgently reclaiming democracy, one conversation at a time. Don't miss out—join the waitlist now for exclusive early access!

Karin Tamerius, MD

Politicial Psychiatrist

Dr. Tamerius has a unique background in psychiatry, political science, and political activism. She specializes in teaching progressives how to advocate for their beliefs with right-wing family and friends.

Dr. Tamerius is available for keynote speeches, workshops, webinars, conference presentations, media interviews, and non-clinical consultations.

Don’t choose between your beliefs and your relationships.

Become a powerful advocate by strengthening your connections with people who disagree with you—at home, in your community, and on the campaign trail.

Be persuasive.

Do your political conversations turn into angry arguments? Do you avoid political discussions for fear of starting a fight? There’s a better way. Dr. Tamerius can teach you how to share your perspective in a way others can hear.

Heal relationships.

Have your ties to family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers frayed as a result of political disagreements? If so, you’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Dr. Tamerius can show you how to mend past breaches and build stronger connections while still upholding your beliefs.

Make a difference.

The personal is political. In our system, you have more direct influence on people close to you than on politicians, policies, and institutions. Dr. Tamerius can teach you how to maximize your impact and achieve your political goals through strategic relational organizing.

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Dr. Tamerius is available for keynotes, workshops, webinars, media interviews, and non-clinical consultations.

To schedule an appointment or event, contact her here.

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